Testing is one of the important functions of the transformer manufacturing activity. Based on the specific quality requirement and the working conditions of the transformer in the power system certain stringent tests are specified in the standards for transformers. PVJ complies with all major test requirements of national & international standards. PVJ has a modern and efficient Test Facility equipped with high precision equipment to meet the requirements of IEC 76, IEEE, BEE, IS standards.

Our Testing Facilities

PVJ transformers are type tested at internationally reputed testing stations namely ERDA in Vadodara (Gujarat, India) & CPRI in Bhopal (MP, India).

Following are the Tests that are carried out on the transformers before they are ready for final delivery:

a Routine tests
1 Oil Dielectric Strength (BDV) Test
2 Core cutting & assembly
3 Measurement of Voltage Ratio
4 Check of polarity and phase displacement
5 Magnetizing current
6 Short circuit current
7 Magnetic Balance
8 Winding resistance
9 Measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss
10 Measurement of no-load loss and current
11 Separate source AC withstand voltage test
12 Short duration induced AC withstand voltage test
13 Pressure & Oil Leakage Tests
b Type tests
14 Impulse Test
15 Lightning & Switching Impulse test
c Special tests
16 Zero-sequence impedance
17 Capacitance & Tan delta of Bushing
18 Capacitance & Tan delta of Windings
19 Noise level measurement

All the Testing is carried as per latest IS Standards & PVJ Power Quality procedures about which more can be read here.

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