PVJ Quality Policy

BIS ISI Certified Transformer Manufacturer:

PVJ Power Solutions is one of the earliest & few transformer manufacturers in India to achieve BIS ISI Certification for Distribution Transformers as per new & revised IS: 1180. As per Govt. of India’s new policy all the transformer manufacturers are required to be ISI certified to manufacture & sell transformers. We have been able to achieve this mean feat because of our stringent quality policy & our focus on using right quality raw materials & provide best in class workmanship in our transformers.

Raw Material Quality:

A transformer has 5 main types of raw material as mentioned below. To enhance the efficiency & life of our transformers we use only Prime-Grade Raw Materials in our transformers as shown below:

  • Silicon Steel Core (CRGO) : Directly imported 0.23/0.27 mm thickness Prime CRGO manufacturers such as POSCO, AK Steel, NLMK, etc.
  • Conductor : Copper/Aluminium directly procured from HINDALCO with DPC insulation of ITC make paper.
  • Transformer Oil : Directly imported Transformer Oil from Savita/Raj as per IS:335.
  • MS Sheet/Channels : Directly procured from reputed manufacturers such as SAIL, TATA.
  • Insulation Paper & Board : Directly procured from Raman/ABB as per relevant IS Standard.

PVJ Power Transformer Quality

Workmanship Quality:

A transformer is as good as the quality of workmanship done on it. To complement the use of high quality materials, we ensure that all our technicians & workers are highly trained, experienced & have a good hand in workmanship. Only when high quality transformer is gelled with high workmanship, do we get a highly efficient & a long lasting transformer.

Energy Saving Distribution Transformer:

Standard type distribution transformers are silent energy guzzlers that contribute to a considerable loss off energy across global distribution networks. Therefore PVJ Power Solutions has launched its Energy Efficient range of Distribution Transformers under the Brand Name of ECO-SMART range of ENERGY EFFICIENT DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS. These transformers offer 30-50% lesser Load & No-load losses than a normal transformer & thus saves up to 15-20% on your monthly electricity bill. It also means lower carbon emissions & lower greenhouse footprint is left by you.

BEE Labelled Star Rated Distribution Transformer:

PVJ Power is a manufacturer of transformers which carry Star Labels issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). We’ve achieved 3-star & 4-star BEE labels for 16 kVA, 25 kVA, 63 kVA, 100 kVA & 200 kVA rating transformers after conducting successful Type Tests from NABL Labs.

Features of BEE labeled transformers:

  • Lower losses means lower electricity bills for the user.
  • Latest manufacturing techniques to ensure cost effectiveness and reliability.
  • Designed for 25 years of trouble – free performance.
  • Very low power loss and low noise.
  • Optimum utilization of active materials for sleek design.
  • Withstands electrical impulses, thermal and dynamic stresses.

Our Quality Assurance Plan:

We are fully committed to build and sustain ourselves as Industrial Transformers manufacturing organization, where quality is the hallmark of our Eco-Smart transformers. Manufacturing of Industrial Transformers is closely monitored with highly qualified Technical Team / Advisor for assuring ‘Zero Error’ before testing and dispatch. Our maximum attention is paid to upgrade or enhance our system and manufacturing facility, for delivering flawless Industrial Transformers. The systemic quality process, unwavering focus, and commitment enable us to deliver transformers with a guarantee of consistent quality.

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