In an industry like Transformers, no other thing is as important as After Sales Service. And no one understands this better in Transformer Industry like we do. PVJ Power has an After Sales Service plan which will keep you worry free from your transformer related issues not just in the Warranty Period, but after the Warranty Period as well. Here is what we offer:


This Free Preventive Maintenance is provided by us to our every client where our 200 kVA or higher capacity transformer is installed. Under this Plan our trained Specialized Transformer Technicians visit your site every 6 months in the Comprehensive Warranty period & do full preventive maintenance of the transformer. This includes free top ups of critical material as well. It includes the following:

  • Oil Sample testing in Lab to check for any moisture seepage & BDV value.
  • Checking of Phase Voltage, HT/LT connections, condition of gaskets, etc.
  • Oil temperature & level.
  • Addition of Oil if necessary.
  • Addition of Silica Gel if necessary.
  • Any electrical/manual hazard to transformer.

PVJ Transformer after Sales Service

If any repair is required for any of the above it is taken care of then & there so that the transformer remains in a perfect working condition. All this is absolutely free of cost.


After the Warranty Period is over, our clients have an option of opting for PVJ Power AMC plan for the transformer. This AMC covers all the aspects of the On-Site Preventive Maintenance, which will be carried out by our technicians in the AMC period. The charges for the AMC are as follows:

AMC Year after Warranty is over AMC Charges
1st year 2.5% of original transformer price.
2nd year 3.5% of original transformer price.
3rd year 3.5% of original transformer price.
4th year 4.5% of original transformer price.
5th year 4.5% of original transformer price.

With all these Service Features PVJ Power stands out with our commitment to be the best Service Provider in the Transformer Industry & be with our clients in case of any problem to them arising out of the transformer. No other manufacturer provides these Service Features as a part of Company Policy like we do.

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