ECO-SMART is our range of High Energy Saving Distribution Transformers, which has minimum Electrical Losses among its peers.

Ecosmart Energy



A Transformer, like any other electrical device has its own electrical losses. Due to the nature of the HT metering, as shown in the diagram above, these electrical losses are charged in your electricity bill by the Discom. To avoid paying un-necessary high bills it is wise to use transformers with lower electricity bills, which offer you the lowest in-class electrical losses. For this we offer you our range of ECO-SMART Technology Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers. Use of ECO-SMART transformers leads you to save on your monthly electricity consumption, which in turn leads to lower electricity bill & also gives a longer life to the transformer. With ECO-SMART Technology the transformer is designed in such a way, so it’s easy to take care of & maintain. Due to the high efficiency of ECO-SMART Transformers, the entire cost of the transformer can be recovered in the shape of electrical savings, within 3-6 years of use.

All our customers who have installed an ECO-SMART transformer are today reaping the benefits of saving on their monthly electricity bills due to Energy Efficient ECO-SMART Technology being used in their transformers. To know more about our ECO-SMART technology transformers you may contact us by clicking here.

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