Packaged Sub Station

Capacity : Upto 2.5 MVA in 11KV, 22KV & 33KV configurations.

PVJ Power make Compact Sub Stations are compartmentalized with suitable Medium Voltage/Low Voltage sections & Transformer section with separate doors for each compartment. Our Packaged Sub-Stations are tested as per latest IEC standard 62271-202.

These Packaged Sub-Stations are designed & manufactured as per the tailored requirement of the customer. Variety of HV/ LV Switchgear /VCB can be chosen & the PSS is designed accordingly. They are also designed to withstand electrical impulses, thermal and dynamic stresses. They are fully compartmentalized, thus safe to use & require minimum maintenance. One of the biggest advanctage of using a PSS is that there’s no need to use abling thus being more economical as well as safer than using bulky non-aesthtic cables.



PVJ Compact Sub Station
Capacity : Upto 2.5 MVA in 11KV, 22KV & 33KV configurations.

The Electrical Panels, Switchgear, VCB, Transformer & Cables are packaged inside the CRCA case in such a way with in-built wiring in order to support the entire equipment’s smooth functioning. The exterior of the substation is customizable according to your needs.

Factory-built MV/LV substation assemblies meet users’ needs with respect to reliability, safety, overall quality, time-savings and appropriateness for the local surroundings (climatic conditions, operating mode, architectural requirements) 2mm thick painted GI enclosure mounted on a hot dip galvanized 4mm thick GI base. Partitions between compartments with 2mm thick GI sheet. Gasket/ Stiffners provided as required. Internal lighting facility provided. They are designed, manufactured, fully assembled, wired and operationally tested in our workshops, reducing site works and minimising delays associated with inclement weather. The compact substations include power factor correction equipment, a ring main unit, circuit breakers, switchboards and sealed oil type transformers encased in robust enclosures with easy
access to equipment.



PAINTING Enclosure is painted with polyurethane paint. Advantages of PU paint are:
• Aesthetic, glossy finish
• Outdoor durability
• Resistant to corrosion
• Resistant to chemicals and stains
• Abrasion resistant
VENTILATION: Ventilation is achieved by means of natural air circulation from the louvers of wall/door to the top of the roof using thermo siphon effect.
DOORS & LOCKING SYSTEMS: All compartment doors are fixed with stainless steel hinges, which provide high mechanical strength. Press-fit type gaskets ensure IP protection.
INTERNAL EARTHING: The earthing of the CSS is made by 50 x 6 mm GI strip. The continuity of earth system is ensured taking into account the thermal and mechanical stresses.
OTHER FEATURES: • Double skin roof to minimise heating by solar radiation.
• Lifting by forklift or crane possible.
• IP34D for HV & LV compartment.
• IP22D for Transformer compartment.
• Suitable for Outdoor/Indoor installation.
• Fire protection class F90
• Resists heat, coldness, UV-radiation, salt and aggressive
environments (e.g. in industrial areas)
• Environmental harmless and non-inflammable materials used.

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